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Thermogenics and CLA! WHAT ARE THEY!

Here’s a welcome back summary for you guys :)

Thermogenics aka Thermos, are used by athletes in order to increase their basal metabolic rate(the amount of energy that you burn through a day during rest).
Caffeine and ephedrine are some of the ingredients in thermogenics to enhanced utilization of triglycerides.
Triglycerides contains fatty acids, which is a branch from Lipids.
Lipids are fat :c
So… Thermogenics are used to enhance the usage of triglycerides,
but we all have to consider that using thermogenics isn’t going to be enough to lose fat itself. A steady consistent meal plan and extra hard work at the gym will help you pay off!!

CLA are Conjugated Linoleic Acids that are found in meat and dairy products!!
CLA are non-stimulant products that may support lean muscle! CLA may help your body burn up calories and improve the way your body utilizes the food/fuel you eat. CLAs can have an Anti-catabolic effect on your body **anti-muscle breakdown**
If you have an amazing meal plan, intense workout program, then adding CLA will help you reach your goals quicker!!
Conjugated Linoleic Acids belongs to the family of essential fatty acids, which means the body can not synthesize CLA.
CLA belongs in the family of Omega-6 fatty acids too!! IT’S THE GOOD FAT :)

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I appreciate your support!!!

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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot of workouts and such.
College has really hit me hard and the gym hasn’t been a priority.
But starting today, I’m going to have a lot more free time to post interesting articles and keep everyone updated for those who reads KESH Fitness’ blog!!
Stay tuned champs :D

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Exercises To Add Into Your Workouts!!! *Part 1*

Hi everyone!! Please excuse my absence!! I’ve been busy that I haven’t really considered KESH Fitness as a priority for a while :c
BUT HEY!!! IM BACK!!! With college in our lives now, most of the authors couldn’t get to write their posts that they wanted to :’c

I’m just glad that KESH Fitness didn’t lose many followers :)

For me, I really dislike boring exercises!! I love exercises that challenges you and are super exciting to do!!!

Here’s a couple that I’ve been experimenting with :)

STAIR MASTERS: Yeah it’s not that interesting… BUT I love to think of it as running away from a monster or a killer in a scary movie… Motivation at it’s finest!

AB ROLLER: Ab rollers works on your stabilization muscles in your core!! It is much more efficient that you work on your stabilization muscles before your external muscles aka your six pack and your obliques!

OVER HEAD SQUATS: Seriously… This workout is SUPER dangerous and if you’re still a beginner **1 month-1 1/2 year experience** please stay away from this exercise!! For those who are advanced, please stretch out your body, warm up, and START LIGHT!!!

SUMO DEADLIFTS: This is my personal favorite variation of deadlifts. I love how it hits my lower back and focus on my hamstrings :D

CLEAN AND JERK: Again, this is for those who are more familiar with exercises and are very comfortable!! This is for those who are advanced and are looking to build strength and mass all throughout your body!

PUSH UPS ON STABILITY BALL: I’m a huge fan of different variations of push ups! Doing push ups on stability balls really activates your stabilization muscles in your whole body!!

DECLINE BENCH CRUNCHES AND REVERSE CRUNCHES: If I ever do crunches, I would always utilize the decline bench!! I feel the burn more on these benches than being on the floor!

FLUTTER KICKS: While your upper body is laying on a flat bench, raise your left leg higher than your right leg, vise versa !!! It’s amazing for your glutes!

SIDE JACKKNIFE: It wrecks your obliques!! Lay on your side and basically do a double crunch except you raise your leg that’s not on the ground up and side crunch up!!

ONE ARM KETTLEBELL CLEAN AND JERK: Just like the clean and jerk, except its with a kettlebell and you’re focusing on one side of your body!! This is perfect to add into your full body workout!

KETTLEBELL SUMO HIGH PULLS: This will wreck your whole body!! Especially your legs and shoulders!!

BARBELL/DUMBBELL PULLOVERS: This is my personal favorite to develope your serratus and upper chest! I prefer dumbbells over barbells, but you decide which is more comfortable for you!!

I hope these exercises will benefit you all in your journey for better health and well being!! You guys are all great!! Keep up your hard work and stay strong!!

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-Kevin V.

Anonymous said: www[.]beautips[.]info/fitness-and-diet-tips/lose-10-kilos-in-13-days/ do you think this diet is legit?

For an average size male/female, while you are changing your diet, you should aim to lose 1-2 lbs per week. If you lose more than 2 lbs, it will be water weight!!!

For you to lose 10 kilos in 13 days…. First, you must have 10 kilos to lose!!!! If you’re not fat, you wont lose the fat!!!

A Diet is really hard to stick by…
You must have the discipline and determination to follow through with it!! What I usually do is start off with small changes in my current diet! Like take 100-200 calories each week!

I think this diet just depends on certain people.
For me, this diet will not help me maintain my muscle at all!!
I won’t be getting enough protein and probably the energy to get my workouts in. I think that this diet is more of a Quick Fix. If you fall out of the diet, you will gain the fat back :/

Just remember,
The minimum amount of protein you should have is:
BodyWeight(Kilos) x 0.8
The minimum amount of carbohydrates you should have is:
1 gram of carbs per Kilos.

Thanks for reading!!
-Kevin V.

Anonymous said: i have quite thick legs, could i still slim them down? i once watched this youtube video where this chick said she has quite thick/muscular legs and while she can't do anything about that she can tone them :S if i can slim them, how?? u guys are the best fitness advisers i know :3

I’m so sorry for not posting for a while!!! I was on vacation :)

Thank you :) We’re just trying to inspire others to join the health movement the right way!! :D

If anything, a proper diet WILL do the trick!!!
I’m currently on a high Protein diet :)
Check it out!!
For me (male), I’m also toning and slimming down my legs!!! :D

What I usually do is a whole bunch of circuits and super sets that would tire me out :)

I would start off with 2 warm up sets of burpees
10 reps to get the blood pumped up! WOOO!!

Squats 4 sets x 10 reps!!!!!
Bulgarian Squats(10reps each leg) S.S. with Box Jumps(10reps)       4 sets
Hamstring curls(10reps) S.S. with Leg Extensions (10reps) 4 sets

Now this exercise is a bit trickier…
There are three ways you can place your foot… Example!:
 l l  <—- Straight
/ \ <—- Toes pointed inward.
\ / <—- Toes pointed out

Perform each of the three for 10 reps each for light weight :)
3 sets!!!

Please be careful when performing any exercise!! stretch out and keep your muscles pumped :)

Keep at it Anon!!! You wont see results quickly, but heck, you’re making progress!!! :D

Thanks for reading!!
-Kevin V.

HERBALIFE it actually works.  Contact me if you are interested in trying this product!  Its great for losing weight and also building muscle!

Is Being In The Sauna/Steam Room Too Long Good For You?!

I can understand the concept of after a long and hard workout, you would love to go to the sauna or steam room to sweat it out and just relax!!

BUTTT… is it good for you to stay longer than 15 minutes?!

After your workout, your body has opened an anabolic window, where your body is in dire need of a good source of protein to help rebuild muscle and recover faster. Your body also need water to keep the nutrients inside of the cell.

When you stay too long in the sauna/steam room, you sweat out the essential water weight in your body for your body to absorb nutrients….

SOOO… It’s really bad for you if you stay in the sauna/steam room for more than 15 minutes!!!!

Sure… staying in the sauna/steam room for less than 15 minutes will be great for you. But you need to remember… DRINK plenty of water before going in!!! Stay Hydrated!!!

Thanks for reading!!
-Kevin V.

"Should I eat before I workout in the morning?!"

You should eat before you workout in the morning!!

ATP(Energy Packed molecules in your cells..aiding muscle contraction) and Glycogen(Body’s primary form of carbohydrate..energy storage) are depleted after your sleep!!!

In order for your body to find energy/fuel to workout… your body will head towards YOUR MUSCLE and break them down!!!

Well.. like we’ve stated before, your body is built to survive in extreme conditions… So your body is adapted to hold on as much fat as possible to survive….
so there is NO WAY for you to make your body aim for Fat instead of Muscle :/
I’m sorry..

When you wake up, your body(just like a machine) is constantly looking for fuel!! If you don’t eat..your body results to “eating” yourself..

If there is WAYYY to much time in between your meals… your body’s metabolism (Energy from Food) turns into Catabolism(Energy from Muscle)

So yeah… please eat!! :D

Thanks for reading!!
-Kevin V.

"I’m doing my daily cardio… but I’m not getting skinnier!!"

There are many reasons why daily cardio is good for you:
1) Increasing your conditioning and fitness
2) To Improve health/ reduce risks of heart problems
3) To reduce fat/ Manage weight
4) Reduce stress!

But… is that all we need? Cardio to burn fat?


Cardio is great, but we need to balance Cardio out with Strength/Resistance Training ANDDDDD PROPER NUTRITION!!!

But before we get onto Strength/Resistance Training and Proper Nutrition, lets talk about why TOO much Cardio can be bad without those two!!!!

I’m actually kidding, I don’t know which age….

Humans are not designed/evolve to burn fat quick!!! Humans evolved so that they could SURVIVE!!! By surviving, I mean storing fat so when humans needs a source of energy and they don’t have food around… they could resolve to fat as fuel!!
More Muscle= More fuel needed to maintain.

Here’s an article I wrote about Strength/Resistance Training!

Proper Nutrition is 70% of the reason why you’re reaching your fitness/health goals!!!
Proper Nutrition is like a guideline for you to follow to continue to supply your body with lean protein, slow digestive carbs, vegetables, and fruits!!!

Thanks for reading!!
-Kevin V.